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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions that are not addressed below, please reach out to us for answers before booking a session.

Of course, you are eligible for two email replies. Kindly email
The consultation lasts as long as an hour.
You will be presented with an option that best describe your problem, using this, we will match you up with the appropriate personnel for your problem
Currently, we consult over any Software related enquiries
First of all, we listen, draw your solution blueprint and architecture and carry investigation after which we are able to determine what the timeline and cost of the project should be. To learn more about our process - see our about page
You are always involved all through your project lifecycle. Once you are onboarded, a project manager is assigned to you and an account for your project is created. Depending on your project and requirement, most of our projects are agile.
Our live chat will give you general information about how we work etc. Consultation is about the uniqueness of your Software or Idea. Diving deep with a technical personnel that can dissect and give you the low level details of all the answers you expect.
Yes, consultation can be for new idea or established business.